Logicality, Lexical Meaning and Semantic Invariance

Posted: 21 de May de 2013 by Fernando Furtado in Call for Papers, Event, News

25 June 2013, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona

workshop description

The workshop aims at connecting two debates from two different disciplines: the debate over logical constants in philosophy of logic and the debate on the functional vs. lexical distinction in linguistics. It further aims at examining the notion of semantic invariance, both as used by logicians (namely, as a criterion for logicality) and by linguists and philosophers of language in discussions of semantics. One of its main goals will be to reach some insight into the way in which grammar encodes logical properties and relations. The workshop is part of the project on Lexical Meaning and Logical inference, funded from European Commission’s Marie Curie Actions <http://ec.europa.eu/research/mariecurieactions/>  and conducted by Isidora Stojanovic.

workshop program

Marta Abrusan (CNRS, France), “
Grammaticality, Logical Constants and Re-interpretability”

Brendan Balcerak Jackson (University of Konstanz, Germany), “Structural Entailment and Semantic Natural Kinds”

Jack Woods (Princeton University, USA), “Logicality, Indefinites, and Logical Indefinites”

workshop venue and registration

The workshop will be held at the Pompeu Fabra University, at the Campus of Poblenou, c/ Roc Boronat 138, in the room 52.415.
It will start at 10.50am. There are no registration fees, but those who wish to attend are kindly asked to email Isidora Stojanovic (isidora.stojanovic -that sign- upf.edu <http://upf.edu> ).
For schedule details, the abstracts of the talks, and for further information, please visit the workshop’s website:


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