Concept Acquisition and the Role of Language

Posted: 26 de April de 2013 by Fernando Furtado in Event, News

(27-28th May 2013)

Keynote Speakers: Susan Carey (Harvard), Maggie McGonigle(Edinburgh),
Wolfram Hinzen (Durham)

Historically, issues concerning concept acquisition have focused around the
nativism/empiricism debate. The central concern was to give an account of
how new concepts are formed, and what influence the external world has on
such processes (if any). More recently however, a trend in the literature
has focused on the way that the nature of concepts might change throughout
development. Questions emerge as to how the cognitive abilities in animals
and human infant cognition relate to the later developing complex
conceptual capacities of adults.

This workshop looks to assess the recent literature on these questions with
particular focus on the role of language acquisition in the developmental
process. We look to investigate these issues with an interdisciplinary
approach, utilising research in linguistics, psychology, philosophy of
mind, philosophy of science, comparative cognition, and other related

This workshop takes place as part of a broader event entitled ‘Philosophy
and Psychology: Integrating Research Across Domains, encompassing two
workshops. Please see separate call for participation for the workshop
titled: Attention and Consciousness (13-14th June 2013).

To register to attend, please e-mail j.t.m.miller[at], or
j.h.taylor[at] Places are limited, so please e-mail to reserve
a place. There will be a workshop fee of £5 to cover provided refreshments
(tea/coffee). We ask that attendees pay the fee on the day whilst
registering (cheques payable to ‘Durham University’).

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