Purdue Conference on the Epistemology of Moral and Religious Belief

Posted: 29 de May de 2012 by Fernando Furtado in Event, News

Purdue Conference on the Epistemology of Moral and Religious Belief


On September 6-8, 2012, Purdue University will host an interdisciplinary conference entitled “Challenges to Religious and Moral Belief: Disagreement and Evolution”.


The conference will focus on three main challenges to religious and moral beliefs:

(i) Widespread interpersonal disagreement among intellectual peers on religious and on moral topics provides reason to doubt these beliefs;

(ii) Belief-source disagreement on moral issues between commonsense moral intuitions and religious belief sources raises doubts about both methods of belief formation;

(iii) Evolutionary accounts of the origins of our religious and moral beliefs create doubts about these beliefs by undermining our confidence in the reliability of their sources.


Conference Participants:


Robert Audi                                       University of Notre Dame (Philosophy)

Sarah Brosnan                                  Georgia State University (Psychology)

Kelly James Clark                             Calvin College (Philosophy)

Stephen Davis                                   Claremont McKenna College (Philosophy)

Kyla Ebels-Duggan                           Northwestern University (Philosophy)

William FitzPatrick                           University of Rochester (Philosophy)

John Greco                                        Saint Louis University (Philosophy)

John Hare                                          Yale University (Divinity School)

Kevin Hector                                     University of Chicago (Divinity School)

Timothy Jackson                              Emory University (Candler School of Theology)

Jordan Kiper                                      University of Connecticut (Anthropology)

Jennifer Lackey                                Northwestern University (Philosophy)

Dustin Locke                                     Claremont McKenna College (Philosophy)

Charles Mathewes                          University of Virginia (Religious Studies)

Christian Miller                                 Wake Forest University (Philosophy)

Mark Murphy                                    Georgetown University (Philosophy)

John Pittard                                      Yale University (Philosophy & Religious Studies)

Jeffrey Schloss                                 Westmont College (Biology)

Walter Sinnott-Armstrong             Duke University (Philosophy)

Richard Sosis                                    University of Connecticut (Anthropology)

Sharon Street                                   New York University (Philosophy)

Ralph Wedgwood                            University of Southern California (Philosophy)

Erik Wielenberg                               DePauw University (Philosophy)




Michael Bergmann                          Purdue University (Philosophy)

Patrick Kain                                       Purdue University (Philosophy)


For more information, including how to register, go to www.knowinginreligionandmorality.com/conference.html


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