CFP- The Correspondence and Independence of Moral Philosophy and Political Philosophy

Posted: 29 de April de 2012 by Fernando Furtado in Call for Papers, Event, News

On November 9th-10th, the University of Pennsylvania will host a
graduate student conference on the topic of “The Correspondence and
Independence of Moral Philosophy and Political Philosophy.” We welcome
the submissions of any papers by current graduate students that deal
broadly with this topic.

What is the relation between moral philosophy and political
philosophy, and how does an answer to this question impact our
approach to philosophical problems? Are the two intricately linked, or
ought their subject matter be separated in some principled way? How we
think about the relation between these two subfields can have a
profound impact on a wide range of issues in value theory. This
conference aims to provide a forum for students whose work touches on
questions tied to the relation between the fields and their subject
matter. Does political philosophy necessarily involve commitments that
either draw from or have an impact on moral philosophy? How are the
two subjects different in the focus of their study? How have
particular theorists addressed these issues? What is the impact of any
division (or unity) between the two on practical decisions?

We would like to invite submissions for presentations that seek to
address these and related issues. Our goal is to bring together those
whose work relates to this theme in all areas of philosophy, so we
welcome a wide range of submissions.

We are pleased to welcome Professsor T.M. Scanlon (Harvard University)
to give the Keynote presentation for the conference on Friday,
November 9th.

Each 40 minute presentation will be followed by a commentator response
and audience questions. Thanks to the involvement of the Greater
Philadelphia Philosophy Consortium, the commentator for each paper
will be a professor of philosophy from a Philadelphia area school.

Please submit and 3,000-4,000 word paper for review by June 1st, 2012.
Send any submissions, questions or concerns to

The conference committee will aim to subsidize the travel expenses for
those accepted but cannot guarantee funding at this time (Apologies
for a second post, there was a typo regarding the date in the first).

Information available at


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