APA/AAPT Seminar – Pls FW to Grad Students

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Please forward the application below to your graduate students. I will
be happy to send a more reader friendly form as an attachment to
anyone who replies off list (since attachments are no-nos on
listservs). dwconcepcion@bsu.edu

The seminar offers the highest level of teacher training available in
Philosophy. The APA Summer Seminar on Teaching and Learning shows
participants how to improve their skills as learner‐centered teachers.
Participants study how to identify and select challenging and
transformative learning objectives, and by understanding the
principles of integrated course design participants appreciate how to
best guide students to the successful achievement of these goals.
Further, participants develop educative assessment strategies that
allow them to measure success, continue to innovate, and create even
deeper learning. The selection process is highly competitive.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


The American Philosophical Association (APA) and The American
Association of Philosophy Teachers (AAPT)

2012 Seminar on Teaching and Learning in Philosophy

Location:  St. Edwards University, Austin, Texas
Date:  July 25 – July 29, 2012
Eligibility:  Current Graduate Students or Recent (2010 forward) PhDs
Seminar Leader: David W. Concepción (Ball State University)
Seminar Facilitators: Stephen Bloch-Schulman (Elon University)& Donna
Engelmann (Alverno College)
Participants:  Maximum of 20
Application Deadline: May 14, 2012

Through readings and interactive experiences, seminar participants
will explore issues, experiment with approaches, and engage in a
community of reflection in order to strengthen their pedagogical
choices. Participants will study how to identify and select
challenging and transformative learning objectives and, by
understanding the principles of integrated course design, participants
will examine how to best guide students to the successful achievement
of these goals. Topics will include preparing to teach (for example,
syllabus design), developing learning-centered philosophy classes,
using traditional and non-traditional methods of assessment, and
engaging in the scholarship of teaching and learning. The friendships
and collegial relationships built here can last a lifetime.

Participants are required to attend all sessions, which will be held
each morning, July 26-July 29. A voluntary social gathering will take
place on the evening of the 25th.

Fees & Waivers
The seminar is held in conjunction with the AAPT’s Biennial
Conference. Participants are encouraged to attend the regular AAPT
Conference sessions in the afternoons and evenings. The registration
fee for the AAPT conference is waived for seminar participants. The
cost of meals and lodging, approximately $275, and travel expenses
will be the responsibility of participants. We encourage participants
to solicit their departments for support. The American Philosophical
Association generously offers travel grants of up to $300 for each
participant. Recipients of APA travel grants must be members of the


APA/AAPT Seminar on Teaching and Learning in Philosophy
July 25-July 29, 2012

To apply please send the following three items to Seminar Leader David
W. Concepción, dwconcepcion@bsu.edu, and Linda Nuoffer at the APA

(1) Provide the following information
Summer Contact (Phone or email if different from above):
Major Fields of Interest:
Estimated Travel Expenses:
Applying for APA Travel Grant? (Yes/No); Member of APA? (Yes/No)

(2) A statement of interest or description of what you hope to gain
from the seminar. If you have previous teaching experience, briefly
describe it. (350 word limit)

(3) A letter of support from your Department Chair, indicating what
your teaching duties will be in 2012-2013.

Contact Information
• For additional information about the Seminar (content, application
status, etc.), please contact David W. Concepción,
• Questions about administrative or financial matters should be
directed to David Schrader, APA Executive Director, phone:
302-831-8691, dschrade@udel.edu via Linda Nuoffer, Lnuoffer@Del.Edu.
• For information concerning membership in the APA, please contact
Janet Sample, APA Membership Coordinator, phone: 302-831-4657,
jsample@udel.edu. Website: http://www.apa.udel.du/apa.
• For information concerning the AAPT please contact Emily Esch,
Executive Director, eesch@csbsju.edu or see the AAPT website at:


David W. Concepción, PhD
Professor & Chair
Dept. of Philosophy & Religious Studies
Affiliate Faculty, Women’s & Gender Studies
Ball State University


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