Encyclopedia of Food and Agricultural Ethics: contributors wanted

Posted: 25 de March de 2012 by Fernando Furtado in Book, News

Encyclopedia of Agricultural and Food Ethics, ed. Paul B. Thompson and
David M. Kaplan (Springer, forthcoming)

The field of agricultural and food ethics emerged in the 1980’s as
scholars began to recognize the need for explicitly normative
scholarship on problems and issues associated with the food system.
After 25 years of growth, agricultural and food ethics have blossomed
in the wake of food safety scandals and renewed interest in
alternative ways to organize the agrifood system.  Scholarship has now
reached a point where there is a need for a cross-cutting reference
volume that will enable newcomers to the field to gain orientation to
the array of topics and problems, existing scholarship on these topics
and problems, and key concepts that have been established in
agricultural and food ethics.  Active scholars in the field would also
benefit from literature reviews and survey articles that facilitate a
more cumulative trend in research efforts.

The volume we envision would consist of detailed articles that provide
a basic introduction to a given topic, outlining ways in which it is
considered to be significant or problematic from an ethical

We welcome your suggestions for contributions.  Entries should be
1,500 words (min) to 4,000 words (max).  Advanced graduate students
and recent PhDs are welcome to contribute.

Contact David M. Kaplan (University of North Texas) dkaplan@unt.edu.
Include the title(s) of the subject you would like to address.
Deadine for contributions: September 1, 2012



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