A Call to Papers: Activism

Posted: 25 de March de 2012 by Fernando Furtado in Call for Papers, News

The Presage (An Online Undergraduate Journal) issues a Call for

Given the recent flux of events concerning civil rights and liberties,
the editors of The Presage have chosen activism as the theme for the
upcoming issue, due to release on Friday, 20 April 2012. Entries may
address activism in any number of ways. Topics may attempt to address
the following questions: What are rights and liberties in general? Do
human rights exist, and if so, what are some examples? Who may
protest, and how? Who should protest, and how? Can violence be
justified, and if so to what extent? What is morality and how does it
relate to ethics? What does Justice look like? What is global
relativism and how does it relate to or complicate activism?

We are accepting essays, theses, theories, manifestos, research and
like works which in some way speak to these and other activist
concerns. The spotlight for this issue is Visual Arts. We are thus
also accepting original images and film.  If you are interested in
contributng a paper, image or video, please see http://www.thepresagejournal.com
for submission details.

Chaina N. Dobbins


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