CfSI: Public Affairs Quarterly

Posted: 18 de March de 2012 by Fernando Furtado in Book, Call for Papers, Event

Hi all,

Public Affairs Quarterly is now accepting proposals for special issues of the journal; we might end up publishing one of these per year.  The idea would be to come up with 3-5 full-length papers—i.e., 6,000-9,000 words—on some particular topic, perhaps coming out of a conference or workshop.  Papers would still be peer-reviewed to ensure quality.  Anyone wishing to make such a proposal should send it to and include the following information:


1.       the topic (~250 words);

2.       the prospective contributors;

3.       the prospective timeline; and

4.       any other relevant information (e.g., associated conferences or workshops).


Information on the journal, including its scope, can be found here:





Fritz Allhoff

Associate Professor &

Director of Graduate Studies

Philosophy Department

Western Michigan University

Kalamazoo, MI 49008-5328

269.387.4503 (ph)

269.387.4390 (f)


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