Ethics and Neurodiversity Book Project

Posted: 13 de February de 2012 by Fernando Furtado in Book, Call for Papers, Event

As the neurodiversity movement continues to grow, it faces many of the
ethical and political issues characteristic of rights movements.
Mental health awareness is drawing attention to many critical issues
related to the understanding of the autism spectrum, mood and
personality disorders and behavioral healthcare more generally. This
anthology will include chapters that address ethical and political
questions related to neurodiversity, broadly construed.  Questions
might include:  How can neurodiverse individuals be empowered?  How
can the goals of the neurodiversity movement be furthered?  What
justice issues related to mental health might arise in various
institutions?  Is it possible to define “normal”?  How are the
severely mentally ill to be treated?  What is the role of advocacy in
mental illness?

We encourage submissions from scholars and clinicians at all career
levels and particularly welcome submissions from those within the
neurodiverse community.  Chapters will include papers presented at
Social, Political, and Ethical Perspectives on Autism in April 2012,
and in Bergen Community College’s Ethics & Mental Health Speakers
Series in addition to selected submissions.  We hope for
interdisciplinary papers from disciplines such as Philosophy,
Psychology, Legal Studies, Medicine, Bioethics and Education.

Time frame:
* Deadline for abstract proposals : March 15th 2012
* Communication of acceptance: April 15th, 2012
* Rough Drafts of Chapters due June 30th, 2012

If you are interested in contributing a book chapter to this volume,
please send a tentative title, a brief abstract for review (max 500
words) and short bio (150 words), to the book editors:

Alexandra Perry
Anthony Yankowski

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