CONF: Collective Intentionality VIII

Posted: 13 de February de 2012 by Fernando Furtado in Call for Papers, Event

Collective Intentionality VIII – University of Manchester – August 28th-31st, 2012

Collective Intentionality VIII – as the name suggests! – is the eighth in a series of large-scale international events on joint and/or cooperative action, reasoning, decision, intention, attention, and associated mental and agential phenomena, topics that impact on issues in ethics and social ontology and which cross boundaries between philosophy, psychology, AI, economics, and political theory. Previous events in the series have been hosted by the Universities of Basel (2010), Berkeley (2008), Helsinki (2006), Siena (2004), Rotterdam (2002), Leipzig (2000) and Munich (1999). This will be the first in the series hosted in the UK, and we are proud to announce that the University of Manchester has been selected to host the event.


Michael Tomasello (Leipzig)


Michael Bratman (Stanford)

Kit Fine (NYU)

Margaret Gilbert (UC Irvine)



The cognitive psychology of joint action:

Stephen Butterfill (Warwick), Guenther Knoblich (CEU), Wolfgang Prinz (Leipzig)


Cooperative action and reasoning (a special SINTELNET symposium):

Nick Bardsley (Reading), A. J. Julius (UCLA), Raimo Tuomela (Helsinki)


Plurals and collectivity:

Kirk Ludwig (Indiana), Alex Oliver (Cambridge), Thomas Smith (Manchester)


Empathy and fellow-feeling:

Pierre Jacob (Jean Nicod), Hans Bernhard Schmid (Vienna), Joel Smith (Manchester)




We invite papers for presentation in 30 minute parallel sessions (20 minute presentation plus 10 minute discussion). Researchers in fields including (but not restricted to) philosophy, psychology, economics, computer science and political theory are warmly encouraged to submit. Please send either a draft or an extended abstract, for blind review, to by 1st June 2012. Notification of acceptance by 1st July 2012. Registration closes on 1st August 2012.


We will consider early submissions from those who can give good reasons (e.g. relating to sponsorship from their home institution) for needing to submit early.


For more information, and to register, visit:


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