Conference Announcement: Bowling Green Workshop on Manipulation

Posted: 9 de February de 2012 by Fernando Furtado in Event

Conference Announcement: Manipulation

March 16 & 17, 2012,  Bowling Green State University

Registration is free and open to all
To register; visit the workshop website:

Keynote: Marcia Baron



ANNE BARNHILL, “What is Manipulation?”
MICHAEL MCKENNA,“Resisting Pereboom’s Manipulation Argument”
TODD LONG,“Epistemic Requirements for Moral Responsibility and
Information Manipulation”
MOTI GORIN “Reasons and the Wrongness of Manipulation”
JENNIFER BLUMENTHAL-BARBY “Ethically Permissible Influence: Between
Reason and Coercion”


KATE MANNE “On Leaving Well-Enough Alone”
ERIC CAVE “Manipulation and Unsavory Seduction“
Keynote Address:  MARCIA BARON
MICHAEL CHOLBI “The Implications of Ego Depletion for the Ethics and
Politics of Manipulation”
AMULYA MANDAVA and JOSEPH MILLUM “Manipulation and the Recruitment of
Participants for Medical Research”


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