CFP: Special Issue of the *Journal for General Philosophy of Science* on Climate Science.

Posted: 7 de February de 2012 by Fernando Furtado in Call for Papers, Event

CFP:  Special Issue of the *Journal for General Philosophy of Science*
on Climate Science.

Guest Editor:  Eric Winsberg (University of South Florida)

Submission Deadline:  August 1st, 2012

Climate science is at the center of many of the world’s greatest
environmental challenges, yet philosophy of science has only recently
begun to pay attention to it.  In this special issue of the Journal
for General Philosophy of Science, we are looking for papers that
explore climate science from a variety of philosophical points of
view: epistemology, methodology, ethics, science and democracy, etc.
We expect contributions on the foundations of climate science, the
confirmation and testing of climate models and predictions, the role
of ethics and values in climate science, the nature of explanation in
climate science, the role of simulations and experiments, the relative
importance of data and models, and any other topic related to climate
science and philosophy.

Submission Details:  Please send a pdf version of your paper (maximum
8000 words) prepared for blind review.  The first page of the
manuscript should contain the paper’s title, and a short abstract of
100-150 words.  The pdf should be attached along with contact details
for the corresponding author and all other authors (if any) in an
email addressed to Eric Winsberg


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