CPF: 1st Annual University of Calgary Graduate Philosophy Conference

Posted: 2 de January de 2012 by Fernando Furtado in Call for Papers, Event


The  Philosophy Graduate Students’ Association of the University of
Calgary is pleased to announce that they will be hosting the 1st
Annual University of Calgary Graduate Philosophy Conference to be held
at in the University of Calgary Philosophy Dept throughout the day on
April 14, 2012.

This year’s theme: Moral Responsibility

Keynote Speaker: Ish Haji (University of Calgary)
“Blameworthiness for the Permissible”

Our annual conference is topic orientated and this year’s topic is
Free Will/ Moral Responsibility. It will take place on Saturday, April
14. The conference will be from 9am-6pm. Lunch and refreshments will
be served for all accepted speakers. Approximately 7 papers will be
accepted so opportunities for presentation are limited. We welcome all
scholarly work that is related to the conference theme. Some topics
may include:

*Free will
*Moral responsibility
*Alternative possibilities
*Moral obligation
*Blameworthiness and praiseworthiness
*Moral luck
*Reasons responsiveness
*Explanation and causation
*Psychopaths and ascriptions of blame and praise
*Distinctions between legal responsibility and moral responsibility

Paper submission deadline: February 10th, 2012. Notification of
Acceptance by March 2, 2012. Papers should not exceed 3,750 words in

Submission Guidelines:

Please send the following as separate attachments (.pdf, .doc,
or .docx extensions) with subject heading “conference submission” to

I) A cover letter containing the following information:
– author’s name
– title of paper
– institutional affiliation
– contact information (email, phone number, mailing address)
– word count

II) The paper itself accompanied by an abstract of no more than 200
words suitable for blind review.

There will graduate students opening their doors to house a limited
number of speakers, anyone interested please make mention of “graduate
housing” in the body of your email.


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