CFP: Interdisciplinary Workshop: Resisting the Path to Genocide: Groups

Posted: 15 de December de 2011 by Fernando Furtado in Call for Papers, Event


Announcing the second annual workshop, “Resisting the Path to
Genocide: Groups”
An international conference at the University of Southern California,
Los Angeles, CA, September 6-8, 2012

The interdisciplinary research cluster “Resisting the Path to
Genocide” at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles,
addresses the fundamental question of what enables people to oppose or
resist racist ideologies, state discrimination practices, or the
active participation in mass atrocities in three steps, focusing
consecutively on societies, groups, and individuals (for more details,

For the second of three international workshops, which will take place
at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles on September
6-8th, 2012, we now seek applications from scholars of any discipline
for papers about the general question of what enables groups of people
to resist genocide or other forms of mass violence?

We invite papers which address the following research questions:  How
do oppositional groups form?  Which social, cultural and political
conditions support the development of group opposition and resistance?
What kind of groups, whether informal networks, private organizations
or public institutions, are most likely to resist discrimination and
violence in genocidal societies? How do we classify groups of
resisters? What oppositional strategies have proven to be most
effective at the group level?  Do group activities have an impact, and
can they help stop the violent radicalization of a genocidal society?

We appreciate case studies (ranging from colonial genocides of the
19th century to more contemporary examples as Guatemala and Rwanda) as
well as comparative work on groups within one genocidal state, on one
kind of resisting group in various societies, and also on group
resistance in countries that did not turn genocidal, such as South

Since the aim of the cluster is to enhance our understanding how to
resist genocidal processes, we also seek contributions that will
discuss group opposition and resistance in a theoretical way, drawing
on resources from disciplines such as psychology, sociology, history,
philosophy, anthropology, etc.

The University of Southern California provides unique research
resources: the Shoah Foundation Institute Archive with more than
52,000 interviews on the Holocaust as well as on other genocides, The
Lion Feuchtwanger collection and a new Holocaust and Genocide studies

Please send a CV and a one-page abstract of the proposed paper before
January 15th 2012 to

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