Book: Scott Lowe, Christmas – Philosophy for Everyone

Posted: 6 de December de 2011 by Fernando Furtado in Book

Christmas – Philosophy for Everyone:

Better Than a Lump of Coal

Scott C. Lowe, Editor & Fritz Allhoff, Series Editor

From Wiley-Blackwell

A lonely winter night, a young village couple, the son of God, a few barnyard animals, and some holy men, and you have the story of Christmas—at least according to the Bible. Secular tradition, however, sees it as a time to be merry and indulge in rich food, drink, and gifts, which aligns with the original Winter Solstice and harvest tradition. Christmas – Philosophy for Everyone: Better Than a Lump of Coal (October 2010) looks deeper into the Christmas festivities to unwrap its pagan origins and secular trimmings.

There are a host of philosophical and cultural issues surrounding the practices and beliefs of Christmas, and Christmas – Philosophy for Everyone: Better Than a Lump of Coal offers thoughtful and humorous philosophical insights into the most widely celebrated holiday in the Western world. The contributors engage in a sparring match between the merits of the Christmas tradition on a secular and pious level, and pit the two main representative figures of the holiday against each other (Santa Claus and Jesus) in an ongoing contest of goodness, generosity, and mythical relevance.

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