PhilEvents: a comprehensive calendar of events in philosophy

Posted: 22 de November de 2011 by Fernando Furtado in Call for Papers, Event

The PhilPapers team is pleased to announced the launch of PhilEvents,
a definitive international calendar of events in philosophy (http:// PhilEvents already contains some 550 conference
announcements and calls for papers from all over the world. Anyone
organising an event in philosophy is encouraged to submit an

Aside from bringing all events together in an easily searchable
database, PhilEvents offers several original features that promise to
help philosophers keep up with upcoming events. These features

– Screening events by topic and location. On PhilEvents, you get to
see only the events that are either close enough to you or interesting
enough to you to justify the trip. This is made possible by a
classification of all events using PhilPapers’ topic taxonomy.

– Email alerts. PhilEvents allows you to receive email alerts for
events matching your criteria, saving you the need to visit the site
to see what’s coming up.

– Widgets and data exporting. PhilEvents is designed so that
philosophy departments and other interested parties can use it as
‘backend’ to store data on the events they are organising. PhilEvents
provides customisable widgets that departments can embed on their
pages to show their events. This is an easy way to maintain a calendar
of events.

PhilEvents currently has all events announced on the philos-l, aphil
and philupdates mailing lists.

David Bourget (London)
David Chalmers (ANU, NYU)


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