Celebrate World Philosophy Day with free research from Wiley-Blackwell!

Posted: 18 de November de 2011 by Fernando Furtado in Papers
Discover Philosophy with Wiley-Blackwell
Celebrate World Philosophy Day with free research
from Wiley-Blackwell!
ATTENDING APA-EASTERN? Stop by the Wiley-Blackwell booth! (#202,204)
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Also, the journal dialectica is pleased to host their annual lecture at the APAE, funded by Wiley-Blackwell. The dialectica lecture migrates from place to place, but is given at a major conference each year; this is the first time it has been given at an APA Divisional meeting. The 2011 dialectica lecture will be given by Kit Fine at 2:00 p.m. on December 28 (session III-L).

Bioethics Dialectica Educational Philosophy and Theory
International Association of Bioethics 10th World Congress A free virtual issue of recent highlights The Power In/Of Language
European Journal of Philosophy The Heythrop Journal Hypatia
Nietzsche Highlights from 2011 FEAST Special Issue: Responsibility and Identity in Global Justice
Journal of Philosophy of Education Journal of Political Philosophy Metaphilosophy
Philosophy for Children in Transition: Problems and Prospects Philosophy, Politics and Society Fortieth-Anniversary Special Issue: The Future of Philosophy: Metaphilosophical Directions for the Twenty-First Century
Philosophical Investigations The Philosophical Quarterly Ratio
Philosophical Investigations from Past to Present Highlights from the past 60 Years Developing Deontology
The Muslim World The Southern Journal of Philosophy
9/11: Retrospections on a Decade Spindel Supplement: Empathy and Ethics
Analytic Philosophy Anthropology of Consciousness Cognitive Science
Conditionals, Causation, and Decision Worldviews in Collision/Worldviews in Metamorphosis: Toward a Multistate Paradigm The AHA! Experience: Creativity Through Emergent Binding in Neural Networks
Constellations Developing World Bioethics History and Theory Studies in the Philosophy of History
Three Normative Models Of Democracy A Robust, Particularist Ethical Assessment of Medical Tourism The History of Emotions: An Interview with William Reddy, Barbara Rosenwein, and Peter Stearns
The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism Journal of Applied Philosophy Journal of Chinese Philosophy
On Aesthetics and Function in Architecture: The Case of the “Spectacle” Art Museum Militant Modern Atheism Persistent Misconceptions About Chinese “Legalism”
Journal of Social Philosophy Journal for The Theory of Social Behavior Midwest Studies in Philosophy
Collectivities without Intention Moral Reasoning in a Multicultural Society: Moral Inclusion and Moral Exclusion Fiction Film and the Varieties of Empathic Engagement
Mind & Language Music Analysis Journal of Community Psychology
Philosophy’s New Challenge: Experiments and Intentional Action Recent philosophical work on the connection between music and the emotions The New Atheism: Its Virtues and its Vices
Nous Pacific Philosophical Quarterly The Philosophical Forum
Evolutionary Debunking Arguments Why Free Will Remains A Mystery The Development of Ethics: A Historical and Critical Study
Philosophy & Public Affairs Philosophy and Phenomenological Research Philosophy Compass
Perfectionist Liberalism and Political Liberalism Content and Natural Selection The Ethics of Belief
Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society The Aristotelian Society Supplementary Volume Theoria
Moral Obligation: Form and Substance The Poverty of Analysis A Theoria Round Table on Philosophy Publishing
Topics in Cognitive Science
Computational Methods to Extract Meaning from Text and Advance Theories of Human Cognition
The Hastings Center Report Wiley-Blackwell is pleased to announce a new partnership with The Hastings Center, to publish the Hastings Center Report. For over 40 years, the Hastings Center Report has been publishing the best and most provocative writing on ethical dilemmas created by advances in medicine and biotechnology.
Thought: A Journal of Philosophy NEW journal from the Northern Institute of Philosophy 

Edited by Crispin Wright, Thought: A Journal of Philosophy is dedicated to the publication of short , original papers in the following areas: Logic, Philosophical Logic, Philosophy of Mathematics, Philosophy of Language, Metaphysics, Epistemology and Philosophy of Mind. Thought invites manuscripts for its first volume. This new journal features a quick review time, with a commitment to giving authors a response within 8 weeks

The Journal of Humanistic Counseling Beginning in 2012, Journal of Humanistic Counseling will be available online at Wiley Online Library. Published by the American Counseling Association on behalf of the Association for Humanistic Counseling
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