Martial Arts and Philosophy Conference

Posted: 15 de November de 2011 by Fernando Furtado in Call for Papers, Event

Martial Arts and Philosophy Conference
June 8-9, 2012
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

The Canadian Centre for Ethics in Public Affairs (CCEPA) aims to build
collaboration across disciplines and with community partners to
promote research, consultation, discussion and policy recommendations
through focusing on ethical and philosophical issues. CCEPA invites
scholars and martial artists to submit abstracts of papers and
workshop proposals for its Martial Arts and Philosophy conference
which will be held in Halifax, Nova Scotia: June 8-9, 2012.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Damon Young, University of Melbourne.

Topics for workshops and papers include but are not limited to:
* What constitutes a martial art? Are martial arts different from
boxing, wrestling, or other sports?
* What is — or should be — the ultimate aim of undertaking martial
arts training?
* Should martial arts training be publicly funded for groups targeted
with bullying or sexual assault?
* How should martial artists best treat opponents in the training
hall, ring, or cage?
* What constitutes morally or legally appropriate use of martial arts
skills outside of training or competition?
* Should all forms of martial arts be legally or morally permissible
no matter how brutal they are?
* What are the intrinsic or extrinsic values of martial arts training?
* Does physical training alone best cultivate martial arts skills?
Does development of character matter?
* Do instructors of martial arts have special moral or practical
obligations to cultivate certain character traits in themselves or
their students?
* Is it appropriate for martial arts in the West to uphold Eastern
ideals (such as respect, politeness, or humility) or practices (such
as ranking, bowing or language use)?
* What is the ultimate aim of training in martial arts?
* How might martial arts training in the West be more inclusive of
women, disabled persons, or persons of non-Western cultures?

SUBMISSIONS: A central feature of the conference will be participatory
workshops. Workshops will include a mix of presentations and
discussion on substantive issues and practical matters concerning
martial arts ideals, aims, goals, and practices. Applicants for
workshops should submit a brief proposal (maximum 350 words)
highlighting your interest and/or experience relevant to your proposed
workshop. Proposals for papers should include title and abstract of
the paper (maximum 500 words).

Abstract submissions should include address of the participant as well
as email, phone, and institution information. Send attachments as
either a Word document or PDF file to the following email address:

DEADLINE: January 31, 2012
Both papers and workshops are open to academic philosophers,
independent scholars, martial artists, philosophy students, and
community-based practitioners. The conference language is English.

Programme Organizers:

– Sylvia Burrow <>
Associate Professor of Philosophy, Cape Breton University, Sydney, NS
Research Fellow and Scholar in Residence, Canadian Centre for Ethics
and Public Affairs (2011-2012) Halifax, NS

– Marc Ramsay <>
Associate Professor of Philosophy, Acadia University, Wolfville, NS


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