Society for Christian Philosophers CFP

Posted: 23 de September de 2011 by Fernando Furtado in Call for Papers, Event

Society of Christian Philosophers 2012 Central Conference

“The Virtue of Justice”
Featuring: Robert Audi (Notre Dame) Jean Porter (Notre Dame) Nicholas
Wolterstorff (Yale)

March 22-24, 2012 Hendrix College Conway, Arkansas

Call for Papers
Proposals for individual papers, book sessions, and panels are
requested for the 2012 Central Regional Conference of the Society of
Christian Philosophers. This year’s theme is “The Virtue of Justice.”
The conference will feature plenary addresses by Robert Audi
(University of Notre Dame), Jean Porter (University of Notre Dame),
and Nicholas Wolterstorff (Yale University), as well as a special
general session on “Religion in the Public Square After 16 Years,”
which will feature several distinguished guests and then responses by
Wolterstorff and Audi. The conference theme is meant to encourage
thinking at the intersection of philosophy of religion and political
philosophy. Some topics/questions that papers might explore include,
but are not limited to, the following: What might virtue epistemology
offer to political philosophy? How might virtue be understood in
postmodernism? Do recent developments in cognitive science provide new
avenues for thinking about virtuous life and social existence? How
does globalization affect debates concerning religion in the public
square? How have the recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq affected
philosophical reflection on just war theory? How can philosophers of
religion work for positive social change in a time of polarizing
political discourse concerning religion? Can philosophy that bridges
the analytic/continental divide stand as a model for civil discourse
more broadly? Papers are welcome in any area of philosophy, but those
that deal most directly with the conference theme will be given
preference. Additionally, the conference organizers encourage
submissions from scholars drawing on traditions often seen as outside
the mainstream of contemporary philosophy of religion (for example,
non-Western philosophy, Continental philosophy, American philosophy,
Critical Race Theory, and Feminism). Finally, papers addressing the
work of any of the plenary speakers are also especially welcome.

Submission Guidelines
Individual Papers: Proposals should include a title, 150-300 word
abstract, and professional contact information. Although we are only
requesting proposals, final papers should be no more than 3,000 words.

Book Sessions: Proposals should include the title and publication
information for the book to be considered, a short rationale for why
this book is worthy of discussion, and a list of participants (with
professional contact information) who will be part of the session.

Panels: Proposals should include the title of the panel and also of
the individual papers, a 150-300 word abstract for the panel as a
whole and also short descriptions of each paper, a list of the panel
participants (with professional contact information).

All submissions are due by October 15, 2011 and should be sent by
email to: J. Aaron Simmons at


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