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Posted: 3 de September de 2011 by Fernando Furtado in Call for Papers, Event

We welcome our 2011-12 visitors:  Yuichi Amitani, Armond Duwell,
Uljana Feest, Leah Henderson, Gabor Hofer-Szabo, Soazig LeBihan, Nils-
Eric Sahlin, Dana Tulodziecki, and Adrian Wuthrich.

Speakers this month are Nicholas Rescher, Gabor Hofer-Szabo, Elliott
Sober, Nils-Eric Sahlin, Uljana Feest, Adrian Wuthrich, and Armond
Duwell. See the Calendar on the Center Web site for details:

Please join us for:

Salmon Lecture by Elliott Sober, 16 September 2011

Quantum Field Theory Workshop
14-15 October 2011

Reasoning with Cases in the Social Sciences Workshop
11-12 November 2011

Details about events and programs can be found on the Center Web

Center for Philosophy of Science
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA USA
John D. Norton, Director

For all inquiries,


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