New Journal Announcement: The Journal of Causal Inference

Posted: 31 de August de 2011 by Fernando Furtado in Call for Papers

New Journal Announcement: The Journal of Causal Inference

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Journal of Causal
Inference, a new journal dedicated to building a rigorous cross-
disciplinary dialogue in causality.

Existing discipline-specific journals tend to bury causal analysis in
the language and methods of traditional statistical methodologies,
creating the inaccurate impression that causal questions can be
handled by routine methods of regression or simultaneous equations and
glossing over the special precautions demanded by causal analysis. In
contrast, Journal of Causal Inference highlights both the uniqueness
and interdisciplinary nature of causal research. The journal serves as
a forum for the growing causal inference community to develop a shared
language and to study the commonalities and distinct strengths of
their various disciplines’ methods for causal analysis.


Journal of Causal Inference encourages submission of applied and
theoretical work from across the range of rigorous causal paradigms.

In addition to significant original research articles, Journal of
Causal Inference also welcomes:

1)    Submissions that synthesize and assess cross-disciplinary
methodological research
2)    Submissions that discuss the history of the causal inference field
and its philosophical underpinnings
3)    Unsolicited short communications on topics that aim to highlight
areas of emerging consensus and ongoing controversy, or to bring
unorthodox perspectives to open questions
4)    Responses to published articles in causality

To read more about JCI, including our aims and scope and editorial
board membership, please visit our website:

Papers can be submitted electronically at:

The first issue is planned for Fall 2011.


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