Workshop: Just War Theory and Practice, The Hague, NL, Sept 24-26

Posted: 30 de August de 2011 by Fernando Furtado in Event

The 3TU.Centre for Ethics and Technology

invites you to…

Just War Theory
A Workshop + public symposium
September 24 – 26th, 2011
Location: Stichthage (at Centraal Station) and the Eden Hotel

Keynote addresses by David Luban and Larry May

Just War Theory has evolved over the course of several centuries as a
response to the seeming contradiction between ethical and moral
opposition in both religious and secular moral traditions against
killing, and the apparent necessity to use violence historically to
prevent evils. It has received some renewed interest as international
legal frameworks have evolved both to prevent violent conflict, and
serve as guidelines for appropriate, international responses to
injustice that might require armed interventions.

Two prominent theorists in the domain will kick off this multi-day
workshop. David Luban and Larry May have each contributed to the
modern debate and will present public lectures as part of the
workshop. The workshop itself involves participants from various
fields, all of whom have been involved in research and debate
regarding just war, including topics relevant to the current
geopolitical climate. Among the issues to be discussed are the right
or duty of intervention, and the right or duty to revolt.

for more information:

David Luban (US)
David Luban is University Professor and Professor of Law and
Philosophy, and the Acting Director of the Center on National Security
and the Law. In addition to legal ethics and philosophy, his recent
scholarship concerns international criminal law, just war theory,
human rights, and the US torture debate. Luban has published more than
150 articles; his books have been translated into Chinese and
Japanese. They include Lawyers and Justice (1988), Legal Modernism
(1993), Legal Ethics and Human Dignity (2007) and, most recently,
International and Transnational Criminal Law (2010) (with Julie
O’Sullivan and David P. Stewart).

Larry May (US)
Larry May is currently W. Alton Jones Professor of Philosophy and
Professor of Law at Vanderbilt University, in Nashville, Tennessee
(USA). Larry May is a philosopher who has worked on conceptual issues
in collective and shared responsibility, as well as normative issues
in international criminal law. He has also worked in professional
ethics and the Just War tradition. He has authored and edited dozens
of books, including War Crimes and Just War (2007) and most recently,
Genocide: A Normative Account (2010), as well as numerous scholarly


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