CfA: Divine Omnipotence and Human Freedom

Posted: 9 de August de 2011 by Fernando Furtado in Job

Master-class in Philosophy of Religion and Philosophical Theology
Divine Foreknowledge and Human Freedom

Organized by
„Divine Omnipotence, Human Freedom and the Problem Evil: Towards an
Analytic Concept of Theodicy“
of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich
(Prof. Dr. Armin Kreiner)
Munich School of Philosophy
(Prof. Dr. Godehard Brüntrup)

Call for Applications:
Within the context of the John-Templeton Project „Analytic Theology“
at the Universities of Innsbruck and Frankfurt and the Munich School
of Philosophy, the Templeton-Cluster-Initiative of the Ludwig-
Maximilians-University Munich and the Munich School of Philosophy is
organizing a Master-class on „Divine Foreknowledge and Human Freedom“
from February 16th 2012 until February 19th 2012, focussed on the
classical theories of Thomism and Molinism and their modern
continuations in form of analytical Thomism and analytical Molinism.
The master class will be taught by Brian Leftow (Oriel College,
University of Oxford, UK) and Kenneth Perszyk (Victoria University,
New Zealand).
Recent PhDs (2006 or later) and current graduate students in
philosophy and theology are invited to apply. By a “recent PhD” we
mean an individual who completed his or her PhD in 2006 or later. We
welcome applications from individuals of any philosophical persuasion
with a strong interest in analytic philosophy vis-à-vis religious
The organizers encourage submission of research paper by graduate
students and recent PhDs. The papers     should address topics within the
overall concept of the master-class. There are 6 spots for such papers
at the master-class; 30 minutes each.
What the Master-class is aiming to achieve: Teaching, intensive work,
discussion and fruitful exchange with graduate students over the
period of four days on the topics above. We are planning a schedule of
two sessions: 3 hours before lunch and 3 hours in the afternoon with
possibilities for students to present their own research or graduate
papers on different issues within the thematic field of the master-

Seminar Dates:         February 16th – 19th 2012
Location:             Fürstenried Castle, Munich
Teachers:             Brian Leftow (Oriel College, University of Oxford, UK),
Kenneth Perszyk (Victoria University, New Zealand)
Application Deadline:     October 31st 2011
Decision:            November 30th 2011
Fees:            160€         [including tuition, room and full-board]
80€            [reduced fee for paper-presenters]

Application Instructions: Applications should submitted to including:
(1) a short academic CV
(2) a letter of motivation (500 words)
(3) [optional] a paper proposal (750 words)


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