CfA: Not Just Wars: Extensions and Alternatives to the Just War Tradition in the 21st

Posted: 1 de August de 2011 by Fernando Furtado in Call for Papers, Event

Call for Abstracts


Not Just Wars:  Extensions and Alternatives to the Just War Tradition in the 21st Century

Adam Henschke, Nick Evans, and Fritz Allhoff (eds.)


The Just War tradition has an enduring, if troubled legacy. In recent years, this legacy has been challenged not just by the two opposing radical views of political realism and pacifism, but by critics whose allegiance is often much closer to that of the Just War tradition itself.  These critics have targeted the conceptual foundations of the tradition; its legitimacy in modern conflicts between non-state and state actors; challenges to the ability of Just War theories to meet the modern facts of changing states, international law, and novel technology. On top of this are changes to military doctrine, as professional armies expand their mandate to now frequently act as peacekeepers, “international law enforcement,” and even aid workers.


We are pleased to release a call for abstracts for a volume intended to draw together these alternatives and extensions to the Just War tradition into a single volume. This volume seeks to divide this set of challenges into thematic categories, to better outline the changing landscape of the Just War tradition. The motivating idea and common thread that will carry through the collection  is to engage in a process of reflective equilibrium where the various authors will not only present some element in the Just War tradition to see how it applies to modern warfare, but how the facts about modern warfare can and ought to bear upon/change different elements in the philosophy and ethics that underpin Just War theories. We see the book as a link between theoretical discussions of modern warfare and the practical and real-world developments of warfare in the 21st century.


Submissions may pertain—but not be limited—to any of the following:


·         Theoretical challenges to just war theory, including the jus ad bellum/jus in bello distinction, jus ex bello/jus terminatiojus post bellum and jus ante bellum.

·         ‘Novel’ types of warfare, including insurgency, terrorism, peacekeeping, cyberwarfare, international policing, and ‘riskless’ warfare.

·         Geopolitical changes to war:  war beyond borders, the ICC, the ‘world-state’ and war, stateless wars.

·         ‘New’ members of military world:  child soldiers, lawyers, psychologists, anthropologists, mercenaries/private militaries/military contractors.

·         New technologies and just war theory:  weapons technologies used in war, enabling military technologies, the use of technology after war’s end (e.g. reconstruction, regime changes).


Any interested contributors are invited to submit a 250-500 word abstract by August 15, 2011 to Adam Henschke (  Editors will compile abstracts into a proposal to publishers, with writing commitments expected to ensue from January 1, 2012; essays will likely be due by December 31, 2012.





Fritz Allhoff

Associate Professor &

Director of Graduate Studies

Philosophy Department

Western Michigan University

Kalamazoo, MI 49008-5328

269.387.4503 (ph)

269.387.4390 (f)


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