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a conference of the **Phenomenal Qualities Project**

at the University of Hertfordshire, UK, Friday 16th to Saturday 17th September 2011.


David Rosenthal (CUNY)
‘Two Concepts of Mental Quality’

Bence Nanay (Cambridge/Antwerp)
‘Colour and Sound’

William Seager (Toronto)
‘Panpsychism, Aggregation and Combinatorial Infusion’

Torin Alter (Alabama)
‘Pereboom on the knowledge argument and Introspective Inaccuracy’

Philip Goff (Hertfordshire/Kings College London)
‘Against Funny Physicalism’

Sam Coleman (Hertfordshire)
‘Unfelt Qualia and the Structure of Consciousness’

Hedda Hassel Mørch (Oslo)
‘The Inferential Predicament’

Kranti Saran (Harvard)
‘Do Bodily Sensations Exist?’

John Nicholas (Western Ontario)
‘Dead Horse Walking (Part 37) Sense Datum Answers for: “Is there a coherent picture on which
phenomenal qualities are physical properties?” and “What is the relation between phenomenal
qualities and the brain?”‘

Tom McClelland (Sussex)
‘Salvaging the Ignorance Hypothesis; A Hybrid Account of Phenomenal Qualities’

Giovanni Merlo (Barcelona LOGOS)
‘The Univocity of Phenomenal Information’


REGISTRATION for the conference is now open.

To register, download and complete the application form from the Conference Webpage:

The form should be returned by email to the conference administrator Tracey Dulson (T.L. The deadline for registration is August 15th.

The conference fee is £10 for those in post, free for students.

Abstracts are available on the Conference Webpage.

The conference benefits from a limited number of graduate student bursaries thanks to the
generous support of the Analysis Trust. To apply please contact Sam Coleman.
Note: the bursaries only cover accommodation costs, not travel expenses.

The Phenomenal Qualities Project is funded by the UK AHRC


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