C o p e n h a g e n L u n d W o r k s h o p s i n S o c i a l E p i s t e m o l o g y

Posted: 17 de June de 2011 by Fernando Furtado in Event

SEPT 27, 2011: University of Copenhagen, Denmark
DEC 9, 2011: Lund University, Sweden

– Pluralistic Ignorance
– Information Cascades
– Belief Polarization
– Echo Chambers

To present formal or informal work on one or more of the above themes,
please send a max. 500 word abstract on or before JUNE 27 to
frank.zenker@fil.lu.se, indicating which of the above two dates you

Confirmed Speakers
– Alessio Lomuscio
– Cristina Bicchieri
– Hans van Ditmarsch
– Mark Colyvan
– Wiebe van der Hoek

Accommodation and travel cost covered from European locations.
Intercontinental travel subsidized.

Authors are invited to submit to a special issue of Synthese.
Editors: Carlo Proietti & Frank Zenker.

– Before drafting an abstract, please read pp. 1-3 of
– Researchers with a non-philosophy background welcome!

Frank Zenker

Lund University, Department of Philosophy & Cognitive Science

Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies


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