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Theoria Round Table on Philosophy Publishing
As part of the recent conference commemorating Theoria’s 75th anniversary, a round table discussion on philosophy publishing was held in Sweden, in October 2010. Bengt Hansson was the chair, and the other participants were eight editors-in-chief of philosophy journals; including Pascal Engel (dialectica) and Sven Ove Hansson (Theoria).
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Celebratory Virtual Issue

Theoria, the international Swedish philosophy journal, recently celebrated 75 years of publication. In celebration of this, the editor Sven Ove Hansson, has produced a virtual issue consisting of articles previously published in Theoria by some of the major Swedish philosophers of the period along with a long list of international philosophers. Hempel’s confirmation paradoxes, Ross’s deontic paradox, Montague’s universal grammar and Lindström’s theorem are among the contributions to philosophy that were first published in Theoria.

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On the logic of theory change: Contraction functions and their associated revision functions
Alchourrón, Carlos E. and Makinson, David

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Truth from the Constructive Standpoint
Dummett, Michael

Le problème de la vérité
Hempel, Carl G.

The Morning Star Paradox
Kanger, Stig

Frege’s Theory of Sense and Reference
Kripke, Saul

Rights to Rights
Lewis, David

First Order Predicate Logic with Generalized Quantifiers
Lindström, Per

Universal grammar
Montague, Richard

Assuming objects
Quine, W.V.

Imperatives and Logic (from Discussions)
Ross, Alf

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