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MAY 23-28, 2016


Demetra Sfendoni-Mentzou


World Congress “Aristotle 2400 Years”

Professor Em. Demetra Sfendoni-Mentzou


Past President, CHARLES S. PEIRCE SOCIETY,” U.S.A. (2014-2015)

President, “Association of Fulbright Scholars. Branch of Northern Greece”

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Tel.: +30-2310-996803, 997198  Fax: +30-2310-996839

Email: website:


Carl Craver
Washington University in St. Louis

Maite Ezcurdia

Branden Fitelson
Rutgers University

  Graham Priest
The City University of New York

 Jennifer Saul
University of Sheffield

The conference is designed to provide a biennial forum for new work in logic, epistemology, and the philosophy of science. The format of the conference will provide an opportunity for speakers to receive constructive feedback from interested colleagues from Colombia and abroad, and for other participants to become acquainted with new work in the field. Suggested topics include:

1. Logic, philosophy of logic, history of logic, and Artificial Intelligence.

2. Formal, Bayesian, evolutionary, moral, feminist, android, naturalized, and social epistemology; scepticism; reliabilism; foundationalism; coherentism; fallibilism; belief revision; epistemic virtues; and internalism vs. externalism.

3. General philosophy of science.

4. Philosophy of physics, mathematics, biology, cognitive science, or social science.

5. History and sociology of science.

Submission Guidelines

Please submit an abstract in Word, PDF, or RTF format. The abstract should be between 500 and 1000 words, and it should present the main argument of the paper. Review will be double-blind. Please do not include your name or any identifying references on the abstract or the file. Please include your full name and institutional affiliation in your e-mail when you submit the abstract. The allocated time for delivering contributed papers at the conference will be 40 minutes, including discussion. The languages of the conference are English and Spanish.

The submission deadline is November 15, 2015.

Accepted abstracts will be announced on December 1st, 2015

Abstracts of contributed papers should be submitted to:
For further details, please e-mail

The conference is organized by:

Departamento de Filosofía de la Universidad de los Andes
Escuela de Ciencias Humanas de la Universidad del Rosario
Philogica: Grupo de Investigación en Lógica, Epistemología y Filosofía de la Ciencia
Andrés Páez

Profesor Asociado
Departamento de Filosofía
Universidad de los Andes
Bogotá, Colombia


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The Department of Philosophy of the University of Campinas (Unicamp) calls for applications for two (02) positions as Postdoctoral Fellow Researcher in Philosophy. The areas of specialisation and concentration are open. The  positions should start around September or November 2015, pending administrative approval. This is a one-year appointment possibly renewable for a second year.

Researcher’s responsibilities include teaching one undergraduate or graduate course on a topic related to the researcher’s area of interest, leaving the other semester free to pursue research (which include organizing seminars with students). The courses may be taught in English, Spanish, or Portuguese. It lasts one semester, but can be offered in a concentrated period of the

semester according to the University rules. 

The current monthly value of postdoctoral scholarships amounts to 4.100 reais (Brazilian currency).


Applicants must have completed the requirements for the PhD by July 01, 2015 or before, and have no more than a 10 years PhD degree. Those who are not Brazilians should prove home

address. They cannot be employed by another institution during the period of their appointment at Unicamp, nor be retired.

How to Apply:

Candidates should send email to apply to <> with “Application for post-doc position” in the subject, with the following attachments:

01) A current curriculum vitae;

02) Contact information of two referees who will be asked to comment specifically on the applicants qualification;

03) A research proposal (not to exceed 1,500 words), describing the project to be carried out; and

04) A sample of Academic writing.


Completed applications must be received by August 31, 2015, to ensure full consideration. An interview via Skype in English, Spanish or Portuguese will be scheduled with short-listed candidates during September.

About the University of Campinas

Located in Campinas, the University of Campinas (Unicamp) is one of the largest and most qualified universities in Brazil and is considered one of the most important higher education institutions in Latin America. Ranked among the top philosophy departments in Brazil and in the world for research and teaching, the Department of Philosophy teaches a wide range of courses in the main areas of philosophy. Philosophy at University of Campinas has been ranked among the world top 100 by QS World University Rankings for three times consecutively (see 

Further information

Please visit or 

or contact the Director of Graduate Programme: 

Marco Ruffino <>


Virtue and Moral Cognition – CALL FOR ABSTRACTS

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The Institute of Philosophy, Sociology, and Journalism at University
of Gdańsk, invites you to participate in the conference:


GDAŃSK, 21-22 OCTOBER 2015

Our invited speakers are:

1. Robert Audi (Notre Dame University, USA)
2. David Carr (The University of Edinburgh, Scotland)
3. Gopal Sreenivasan (Duke University, USA)

Deadline for applications is 1 September 2015

For further details look up:

Second CFP: Free Will and Consciousness

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November 19th and 20th, 2015, VU University Amsterdam

Submission deadline: July 15th, 2015

In recent years, neuroscientific and (social) psychological experimentation have played a significant role in discussions on free will. Several experiments seem to show that (many of) our actions and decisions are caused or influenced by unconscious processes. In general, the focus of the discussion has been on whether these experiments show that conscious processes are never causally efficacious and whether science shows that free will does not exist or is an illusion.


An important and underexplored question is how free will and consciousness actually are related. The workshop further elaborates on this relationship in the light of recent studies in neuroscience and psychology. With that, we aim to enrich the discussion and exchange between science and philosophy on the topic of free will. Possible research questions include but are not limited to:


1.      If consciousness and free will are related, how should we understand this (causal) relationship?

2.      What is the relationship between physical / neural causes and unconscious mental causes of behavior / action and free will? (How) Can we distinguish between both kinds of causes? Is this distinction relevant in relation to free will?

3.      Do we need to be conscious of (all) the causes of and/or reasons for our intentions, decisions, or actions in order for them to be free? Does it matter whether we can become conscious of them or whether they are inaccessible to consciousness?

4.      If we accept that unconsciously caused actions and/or decisions can be free, how should we distinguish between free and unfree action?

5.      What does it mean for actions or decisions to originate from ‘within the agent’ or be ‘up to me’ and how is this related to conscious, mental, and/or bodily processes?


The workshop is part of the project Science beyond Scientism and organized on behalf of the Abraham Kuyper Center. 

Confirmed speakers:

– Neil Levy (The Oxford Centre for Neuroethics, University of Melbourne)

– Adina Roskies (Dartmouth College)


Organizing committee:

– Lieke Asma

– Leon de Bruin

– Gerrit Glas

– Irma Verlaan


We accept contributions from several areas of research, for example philosophy of mind, philosophy of cognitive science, neuroscience, or social psychology. Please send a 500 word abstract to by July 15th 2015. The abstract should be suitable for blind review. Questions can be sent to the same email address.

Messages to the list are archived at and Current posts are also available via Facebook: Discussions should be moved to chora: enrol via To sign off the list send a blank message to

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: One Postdoc Position and Two PhD Studentships

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One Postdoc Position (four years) and Two PhD Studentships (three years)

These positions are available at the Department of Philosophy, University
of Vienna, in the ERC-funded project:

“The Emergence of Relativism: Historical, Philosophical and Sociological

(ERC Advanced Grant, PI: Prof. Martin Kusch), June 2014 to May 2019.

Information about the project is available here:

And here:

For the postdoc position we are looking for a philosopher, or a historian
of philosophy, or a sociologist of knowledge, interested in studying the
emergence and development of relativistic themes in the 19th and early
20th century in works about the social world by political philosophers,
forerunners and practitioners of the social sciences in general, and the
sociology of knowledge in particular.

For the PhD studentship positions we are looking for philosophers with an
interest in studying relativism from a systematic rather than a historical
perspective. The PhD project must fit within the framework of the overall
ERC project as outlined in the documents above. We are particularly
interested in proposals focusing on debates around the sociology of
knowledge or historicism, but other proposals will also be considered.

Candidates of all nationalities are encouraged to apply; applications from
women are especially welcome. The project is committed to promoting
handicapped individuals and encourages them to apply.

None of these positions involves a teaching obligation.
The ability to work in an interdisciplinary team is important.

Only electronic submissions will be accepted. Candidates are requested to
submit a cover letter, curriculum vitae (including list of publications),
a research proposal on a topic related to the project (1000 words
maximum), two samples of writing (i.e. articles or book chapters, or
thesis chapters), and three names and email addresses of referees who have
agreed to write a letter of recommendation to: Ms. Ernestine Umscheider
<> by 12noon on March 1st 2015.

Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed in person or over Skype in
April so as to allow for a start in July 2015.

Contracts will be issued for one year in the first instance; in case of
satisfactory performance the contract will then be extended to cover the
full 4 or 3 years respectively.

Informal enquiries should be addressed to:
Martin Kusch <>

Prof. Dr. Martin Kusch

ERC Advanced Grant Project (2014-2019):
“The Emergence of Relativism”

Department of Philosophy
University of Vienna
NIG Building (room C 208, 2nd floor)
Universitätsstraße 7
Phone (office): +43-1-4277-46422

Secretary: Mrs. Ernestine Umscheider (9am to 1pm)
Phone (secretary): +43-1-4277-46402


2nd CFP: The 2015 Anscombe Forum: Human Dignity

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Conference to be held on March 13-14, 2015, at Neumann University, which is located in Aston, PA, in the greater Philadelphia area.

The forum is an annual event designed to explore the work of G.E.M. Anscombe in particular and Catholic thought in general. In March 2014 the forum was initiated with a conference focused on the question of Anscombe’s contributions to the Catholic intellectual tradition.  The March 2015 Forum will be dedicated to the subject of human dignity, both in the work of Anscombe and Catholic thought at large.

Featured speakers: Candace Vogler, David B. and Clara E. Stern Professor of Philosophy, University of Chicago; Nicholas Wolterstorff, Noah Porter Emeritus Professor of Philosophical Theology, Yale University; Duncan Richter, Professor of Philosophy, Virginia Military Institute.

We welcome all contributions to the subject of human dignity as it relates to Catholic thought. For further information contact Dr. John Mizzoni at  Submissions (full papers only; 20-30 minute reading time) should be emailed no later than December 30, 2014 to

More information will become available at

Select papers from the conference will be published by Neumann University Press.